Wembley, Western AUSTRALIA

Private garden - In progress

This project involves the creation of three new garden areas around the recent restoration and extension of a 1948 house by Chindarsi Architects.

The gardens explore different planting pallets appropriate to Perth’s climate and work to compliment and enhance the architecture. The front garden has been planted with largely West Australian natives including Acacias, Anigozanthos, prostrate Banksias and grasses.

The rear garden incorporates a wider range of plants from similar climates around the world including Agaves, Aloes, Echiums, rosemary and Pennisetums and area interspersed with frangipani and Citrus trees. Lawns have been included for play and a productive garden for vegetables.

On the south side of the house we have utilised more exotic shade tolerant plants such as ferns, Clivia, Sansevieria and Ficus pumila. Eriobotrya and Magnolia grandiflora trees have been planted to create a more consistent shady microclimate over the changing seasons and angle of the sun.


The hard landscaping pallet has been limited to brick paths, burnished concrete steppers and gravel.